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Teaching & Learning with the iPad

November 16th – 17th, 2012

This two-day conference includes sessions designed to answer your questions related to the implementation of iPads in learning environments. Watch how this mobile device can provide efficiency and increased productivity in learning environments and help prepare our learners for the demands of the next decade.  See demonstrations of this technology with a variety of applications, curricular areas, and connections to developing 21st Century Skills.  Come plan and create your own activities and learn from those with over two years of experience with the iPad in the classroom!

Conveniently located one mile from Raleigh-Durham International Airport at the Embassy Suites Brier Creek.  Special discounted room rates are available.

Space is limited, so register early for one of two selections of sessions designed for administrator and instructors.

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iPads for Learning

On December 31, 2010, in Hardware, Tools, by Clive Roberts
Will the iPad become the ‘killer’ tool to revolutionize 21C learning?

Well, it’s almost a year on since the launch of the iPad and much has been written about it, its Apps and its place in learning. So the purpose of this article is to consider what has already been written, to seek the views of educators that have embraced the iPad, and to consider what the iPad may offer in the future – iPad 2.0.

iPads for Learning

One of the best iPad sites has to be iPads in Education by Apple Distinguished Educator Ian Wilson. Ian believes that “the iPad signals the opportunity for a transformation in how technology is used in schools and offers the potential of transformation in technology – new methods for new learning”.

Ian has also put together some excellent information on the use of the iPad in education, including ‘Why use iPads in schools?‘ a comparison of ‘iPads vs Netbooks‘ and a review of iPad Apps by subject area.

You may also want to check out Ian’s other website on Digital Creativity

Another useful iPad site discovered was – If you have any questions regarding the use of iPads for learning just go ahead and ask! Also checkout ‘Using iPads in the classroom:

iPad 2.0

We can expect the next version of the iPad – iPad 2, to be launched early 2011. But what will the improvements be over iPad one? Here are some of the likely new iPad 2 specs:

* The iPad 2 will incorporate ‘Facetime’ so a we can expect both front and rear facing cameras.
* Also a gyroscope should be included.
* A USB port and SD Card for uploading movies, photos and documents – and also for charging.
* GSM and CDMA network capability for world-wide coverage.
* Retina display may make it’s way from the iPhone 4.
* Increase in processor speed and memory capacity – up to 1Gb.
* Improved power management and battery life.
* A thinner, sleeker case

With all of these new features the iPad 2 promises to be a real world beater. Indications are that the iPad 2 will be available late Spring 2011 and prices should remain about the same as iPad one.

So what do you think of the iPad for education? If you are using the iPad in your classroom then we would love to hear from you!