IWB’s for 21st Century Learning

On January 17, 2011, in Hardware, Tools, by Clive Roberts
Are you using IWB’s to provide an interactive learning experience?

Interactive WhiteboardSince the turn of the millenium there has been an increasing tide of Interactive Whiteboard deployment throughout both Primary and Secondary classrooms. Indeed last year the UK government allocated 50 million pounds (one fifth of their total budget for ICT in Education) for IWB’s.

Most of the leading International schools now have IWB’s providing their learners with a rich interactive classroom experience.

Do you use an Interactive Whiteboard?

There are two main types of IWB
  • Electromagnetic – that use an electronic pen to write on a hard surface – e.g Promethean Activboards.
  • Resistive – that have a softer touch sensitive surface – e.g SMARTBoards.

More recent developments have seen IWB’s that integrate both pen and touch in the same board and also include a built in projector and sound system. Multi-touch boards are now also becoming available.

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Here is a brief introduction to the SMARTBoard:

The Promethean Activboard is shown below:

The aim of this article was as an introduction to IWB’s. Subsequent articles will look at IWB’s in more detail, including other options available, the new generation of interactive panels and touch screens, and IWB resources.

A couple of great sites that I recommend for IWB resources:

SMART Exchange for all your SMARTBoard Resources

Topmarks Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Please let us know how you use your IWB and if you have any great links to IWB resources!