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On February 2, 2011, in Collaborate, by Clive Roberts

Digital Learning World Quick CodeIn response to recent interest in Quick Response codes I have created some lesson resources to introduce students to QR codes and provide them with some practical experience. The lesson also introduces students to blogging (Digital Learning World) and URL shortening (Bit.Ly and Goo.gl). Students are also encouraged to collaborate by recording their findings in a shared Google document.

These resources are intended for Secondary students from Year 7 upwards. Students will need a PC/Laptop with a web cam and access to the Internet. Ideally, students will also use their smart phones.

For further information please read the Lesson Outline:

ICT Lesson – Introduction to QR Codes

The Powerpoint lesson slides:

Introduction to QR Codes – Powerpoint Slides

Link to Google Document for students to log their results/progress (please take a copy and use this on your own Google Account – don’t forget to share it).

Quick Response Codes – Lesson Progress

Example QR Codes for use in the lesson:

QR Code List

QR Code examples for students (please feel free to use your own):

QR Code Example Sheet 1

QR Code Example Sheet 2

QR Code Example Sheet 3

These examples maybe handed out to students or posted up individually around the classroom.

Download the Windows installer for QuickMark (V 3.8) here:


Links to WAP Downloads to download QR Code readers to smart phones:

QuickMark WAP Download

NeoReader WAP Download

URL Shorteners/QR Code Generators:



Quick Response Codes – Real World Applications (these are listed on the final slide. There are also some Youtube Videos available):

QR Code Apps.PDF

Well, that’s about it for now!

Please feel free to use these resources in whole or in part

If you would like to contribute any improvements to these resources they would be most welcome :-) as would some more formal lesson plans and an assessment rubric.

Also – If you have some lesson resources of your own that you would like to share then let me know. Leave a comment here or any further questions to: