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What is ISTE?

ISTE, The International Society for Technology in Education, is dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning through the effective integration of technology in education.

Representing over 100,000 leading educators worldwide ISTE is a powerful association that is leading a global transformation of education.

What are NETS?

NETS, National Education Technology Standards, are a set of benchmarks that help to measure competence for the integration of technology in education. Originally conceived in 1998 NETS have now become the Internationally recognised standards for technology in education across all international curricula. NETS are not subject content specific but address the skills students need for the digital literacy required for success in the 21st century.<

NETS are applicable throughout all curricula and at all age levels and are used to plan technology integration and develop the curriculum across both the primary and secondary school changing the way teachers teach and students learn. The latest release of NETS standards came in 2007 following their international development involving thousands of educators and leaders.

Three levels of NETS Standards have been developed:

NETS-S – Equipping students with 21st century technology and learning skills to become effective global digital citizens. NET-S encourages student creativity and innovation, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, and the effective use of technology.

NETS-T – Equipping teachers to change the way they plan and teach through the integration of technology throughout the curriculum. NETS-T provided teachers with 21st century skills and knowledge for effective technology integration in today’s digital society.

NETS-A – Equipping school leaders with the skills and knowledge to create and maintain an environment that supports technology integration and 21st century learning.

NETS for your school?

Definitely! Why shouldn’t you want to improve the quality of learning in your school through effective integration of technology?

Getting started with NETS

Here are a few things you can do to get started with NETS:

Share your NETS experiences

Please feel free to share your experience of ISTE NETS implementation here. I am particularly interested in resources and documentation for NETS alignment with International Curricula.

Simply reply to this post or contribute a blog posting of your own.

Next I will take a look at NAACE and the International Technology in Education Mark (ITEM).

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